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HyperOCR Hyperspectral Radiometer

HyperOCR Hyperspectral Radiometer
Hyperspectral radiometers, with a calibrated range of 350 - 800 nm and fully characterized cosine response, are designed to be mounted on real-time profilers, coastal and deep water buoys, autonomous underwater vehicles, research vessels and airplanes.

HyperOCR Hyperspectral Radiometer


The Hyperspectral Ocean Colour Radiometer (HyperOCR) provides 136 channels of precision calibrated optical data from 350 to 800 nm. The HyperOCR can easily integrate into third-party equipment or connect directly to a computer for real-time measurements. Satlantic’s proprietary RS-485 SatNet networking interface provides the capability to combine several Satlantic devices on a single telemetry interface for applications where serial inputs are limited on host data acquisition devices.

- 350-800 nm calibrated range
- Irradiance and radiance radiometers for in-water and in-air
- Fully characterized cosine response
- Integrated shutters for accurate dark correction
- Networking capability
- Fast sampling rate (up to 3 Hz)
- Compatible with Bioshutter II
- Data logging and processing software available


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