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Pinnacle ADCP

Pinnacle ADCP
The Next Generation of Deep-Water ADCP Technology

Pinnacle ADCP

Teledyne RD Instruments

Key Features:
- Profiles up to 1000m / rated to 2000m depth
- Deployable from offshore platforms; moving boats; or seafloor, subsurface or surface buoys
- 20° phased array transducer reduces size and weight and decreases missing data

- Swappable Configuration: Convert from Self-Contained to Real-Time without an additional purchase
- Adaptable: Independent or Interlaced long range and high resolution modes allow users to optimize their system for unique deployment requirements, at ranges of up to 1000m, offering the best of both worlds in a single instrument.
- Continuous Sampling: Pinnacle’s 4 beams ping simultaneously (as opposed to individually), allowing for simultaneous sampling of a 1000m current profile.
- Easy Data Access: Redundant MicroSD memory cards for added data security—one resides in the electronics for data download and another in the battery compartment allowing for easy data access.
- Compass Enhancements: Pinnacle includes both heading field calibration and magnetometer data, allowing you to utilize either or both and to turn your mooring faster.
- Deployment Status Indicator: External LED light ensures you know the system is operational when deployed.
- Advanced Monitoring: Health Monitoring and leak detection provide users with the peace of mind that their system is operating as intended.
- Increased Data: 20° phased-array beam allows you to measure within 6% of range to surface (air/sea or bottom), closing the gap on missed data.
- Rugged and Robust: Independent main electronics housing and battery compartment and a no metal in contact with the water designed housing and transducer limit the risk of damage from leaks.
- Long Life: Alkaline or lithium battery compatible, with 18-month deployment durations possible on 4 Li batteries.
- Versatile: Collect stored or real-time data from stationary or moving platforms, including rigs, vessels and moorings.
- Mooring Compatibility: Pinnacles hardware fits into most existing mooring designs offered by key manufacturers.


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