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HMS-620 Bubble Gun

HMS-620 Bubble Gun
Portable Low-Frequency Acoustic Seismic Sub-Bottom Systems

HMS-620 Bubble Gun

Falmouth Scientific

Portable Low-Frequency Acoustic Seismic Sub-Bottom Systems Low-frequency acoustic signals provide superior sub-bottom signal penetration vertically through coarse sand, gravel tills, and other difficult-to-penetrate sediments Small component size, portability, and low power requirements make this a valuable tool for any survey platform Multiple Sources can be synchronized to a common trigger without need for external timing control Repeatable Shot-to-Shot Phase and Amplitude Wavelet Correlation > 0.96


HMS Bubble Gun Brochure - Download

HMS-620 Manual - Download

Application Note
Removal and Re-Assembly Procedure for the Bubble Gun Receiver PCB 3/18/2019 - Download

Field Bulletin
Field Assembly Process of B620-205 - Download
Lake Garda Seismic Survey with Bubble Gun in 2019 - Download