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OCR 500 Multispectral Radiometer

OCR 500 Multispectral Radiometer
A combination of precision optics and high performance microelectronics which can be operated as a stand-alone device or in a networked environment as a part of a larger system.

OCR 500 Multispectral Radiometer


The OCR-500 Series Radiometers are fully digital optical sensors that combine precision optics and high performance microelectronics. The radiometers may be operated as a stand-alone device or in a networked environment as part of a larger system. These units are available in four or seven channel discrete wavelengths.

- Irradiance and Radiance sensors for in-water and in-air applications
- Standard wavelengths from 400 - 865 nm
- UV wavelengths available 305, 325, 340 & 380 nm
- Fully characterized cosine response
- Custom low fluorescence filters
- Networking capability
- Data logging and processing software included
- Fast sampling rate (7 - 24 Hz optional)
- Compatible with the Bioshutter anti-biofouling solution


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Application Note
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