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GODS Module

GODS Module
Geodesy + Ocean Disasters Sensors (GODS) modules have been developed for both disaster warning and geodetic measurements.
The instrumentation package includes deep-sea absolute pressure gauges, a triaxial accelerometer, and nano-resolution processing electronics. An in-situ calibration system eliminates pressure sensor drift. The GODS modules work on cabled systems, in remote ocean bottom recorders, and in underwater vehicles.

GODS Module


The GODS module contains (2) absolute pressure gauges with available ranges of 1400, 2000, 3000, 4000, and 7000 meters plus (1) Triaxial Accelerometer with an internal alignment matrix, plus (1) Digiquartz® Barometer, plus (3) Nano-resolution processing electronics.
The pressure connection lines are vacuum oil-filled to (1) Swagelok 3-way ball valve that switches between seawater pressures, and an interior oil reservoir.

Temperature compensated and linearized RS-232 outputs are provided from all sensors and include:
- Seawater pressures (A) and temperature readings from each pressure gauge (1 port).
- X-Y-Z plus total Vector accelerations and accelerometer temperature readings (1 port).
- Interior housing barometric pressures and barometer temperature readings (1 port).
- All sensors can be synchronized and time-stamped using PPS inputs.


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