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MET4 Meteorological Measurement System

MET4 Meteorological Measurement System
The Digiquartz® MET4 MEASUREMENT SYSTEM provides the ultimate in precision meteorological measurements. Barometric pressure resolution is better than 1 microbar with total accuracy of better than ±0.08 hPa over the extended barometric range of 500 to 1100 hPa. Temperature resolution is 0.01 degrees C with total accuracy of better than 0.5 degrees C and relative humidity performance is better than ±2%.

MET4 Meteorological Measurement System


Desirable characteristics include durable weatherproof packaging, no warm-up time, high reliability and long-term stability. Optional configurations include Barometric Functions (Altimeter Setting, Station Pressure, Field Pressure, Sea Level Pressure, Density Altitude, Pressure Altitude, QNH, QFE, and WMO Pressure Tendency Codes) and/or Data Logging. The measurement suite can be interfaced with Computer Systems, GPS Receivers, and Data loggers.

An internal Digiquartz® pressure transducer, precision temperature/humidity probe, and microprocessor-based electronics provide the measurement and communication capabilities. Measurement data is accessed via RS-232 or RS-485 serial ports. An external status panel monitors power status and RS-232/RS-485 communication.

The MET4 features the DigiPort high-performance pressure port. It is designed to dramatically reduce barometric pressure measurement errors in the presence of wind

Air temperature and humidity measurements are provided by a single probe. The probe is fully calibrated and self contained, providing easy plug and play interchangeability. The probe is readily accessed by the user for field replacement.

The air temperature/humidity probe is housed within a solar radiation shield. The purpose of the solar radiation shield is to minimize air temperature measurement errors caused by exposure to direct sunlight. The MET4 features a simple yet effective passive solar radiation shield.

The MET4 is designed for easy and convenient mounting to masts, tubing and other structures. Mounting hardware is included for easy system integration.

The Digiquartz® barometer used in the MET4 has a 3-year stability warranty of better that 0.1 hPa per year and includes a limited 5-year warranty with the first 2-years covered at 100%. The System includes a limited one-year warranty. The RH and Temperature probe is field replaceable and barometer performance can be verified in the field using the Paroscientific Model 765-16B Portable Pressure Standard and DigiPort High Performance Pressure Port.


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