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M4 Buoy

M4 Buoy
Meteo-Marine Buoy for coastal installations

M4 Buoy

Communication Technology

A completely modular real-time system for air and water monitoring consisting of:
- A surface buoy equipped with modular meteorological sensors and sub-surface modular oceanographic sensors.
- A mooring line with modular oceanographic sensors positioned at any number of depths.
- A bottom mount equipped with an upward looking ADCP for current profiling, complete with full multi-directional wave gauge capabilities.
- The Intelligent System Control and Logging. Prominent features:
- The system operations can be remotely configured without the need of local intervention.
- The remote data download allows peace of mind and real-time system checkout.
- The self diagnostic capabilities and subsequent alarm broadcast minimize the need for routine maintenance.
- The Intelligent System Control transfers the data over the communication link (radio, sat or cellular phone), logs data internally to a file and transmit them at an user-defined interval or when an user-defined file size is reached, checks the sensors status and power (when a sensor malfunctioning or a power failure is detected, the M4 sends an alert message describing the specific problem encountered).
- Smart Sampling™: when any combination of specified values with a specified persistence is detected, the M4 can switch to a specified setup until the detected conditions persist. Any number of combinations of multiple threshold values can be set.
- Example: when chlorophyll concentration exceeds value1 for a specified duration, the M4 sends a Smart Sampling Change message and starts sampling more frequently until the chlorophyll concentration falls below value1 for a specified duration.
- Smart Alarm™: when any combination of specified values with a specified persistence is detected, an alarm is sent along with the measured value and persistence.
- Remote Setup™: every operational setup of the M4 can be changed remotely, and sent to the M4 via the communication link.


Brochure Boa Oceanografica M4 - Download

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