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LISC is the powerful datalogger by Communication Technology for the real-time monitoring of Oceanographic data.


Communication Technology

Low-low power (Persistor CF2)
- 8 RS-232 I/O ports
- 4 RS-422 I/O ports
- 8 Analog I/O ports (0-5V)
- 8 switchable Analog or Current (4-20 mA) input ports 6 Opto-isolated power switches (up to 5A each)

- iSwitch for addressing 5 RS-232 serial I/O via RS-232 line
- iNode for addressing 5 RS-232 serial I/O via RS-485 bus

High power Single Board Computer
- Based on Atmel ARM @ 400MHz
- With embedded Linux
- Pin to pin compatible with Persistor CF2
- Proprietary or Open Source Firmware options

Additional Connectivity
- Ethernet 100 Mbit
- Micro-USB connector


M4 Buoy
Meteo-Marine Buoy for coastal installations
Profiling Beacon
The Profling Beacon by Communication Technology provides Real-Time profiles of the whole column of water.