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Il LISST-200X è la nuova versione del celebre LISST-100X direttamente interfacciabile alle sonde CTD per misurare la granulometria e la concentrazione dei solidi sospesi in acqua nei fiumi, nei porti, ed in mare.


Sequoia Scientific

New Measures Particle Size and Concentration
- Particle Size Range: 1.0 to 500 microns
- Depth Rating: 600 meters
- Half the size of the LISST-100X
- Smarter data file structure
- Analog output of size and concentration
- Plug and Play Compatible with most CTDs


Brochure LISST-200X - Download
Sequoia Scientific Product Catalog 2020 - Download

Guida Utente
LISST-200X vs LISST-100X feature comparison - Download

Technical Papers
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