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SBE-35 Deep Ocean Standards Thermometer

SBE-35 Deep Ocean Standards Thermometer
The SBE 35 is a laboratory standards thermometer with the unique ability to be used both in fixed point cells and at depths up to 6800 meters (22,300 ft). It is unaffected by shock and vibration encountered in shipboard and industrial environments, making it ideal for use in calibration laboratories in the range of -5 to +35° C, and in the thermodynamic method of measuring hydro turbine efficiency. The SBE 35 communicates via a standard RS-232 interface at 300 baud, 8 data bits, no parity.

SBE-35 Deep Ocean Standards Thermometer

Sea-Bird Electronics

The thermometer's digital output can be displayed in real-time and logged to a computer file. The SBE 35 is standardized in water triple point (TPW) and gallium melting point (GaMP) cells, following the methodology applied to a standards-grade platinum resistance thermometer (SPRT). Unlike SPRTs, it does not require an expensive resistance bridge, making the SBE 35 a dramatically cost-effective alternative. For measurements in fixed point cells, the protective guard is removed and a brass and plastic tip bushing is attached to give the SBE 35 the length, diameter, and thermal averaging characteristic of an SPRT. The SBE 35 resolves temperature in fixed point cells to approximately 0.000025° C (25 µK). Accuracy is better than 1 mK.


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