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ATM-965 and ATM-966

ATM-965 and ATM-966
ATM-965 and ATM-966 6000 m rated Acoustic Modems

ATM-965 and ATM-966

Teledyne Benthos

ATM-900 Series Modems

The Teledyne Benthos ATM-900 Series Acoustic Telemetry Modems are a major enhancement to previous modem lines offered. The new ATM- 900 Series provides a long list of special purpose, flexible extensions supporting multiple capabilities beyond “just” underwater communications. These capabilities range from high capacity data logging, through updated data storage and user command line interfaces to real-time clock integration. Each surface unit can operate using cables from 2m to 200m with a mating transducer for each cable. Both directional and omnidirectional transducers are available

Standard Features
- ATM-900 Series modem electronics
- Integrated or remote transducer options
- Flash file system data logger creates discrete records for query and retrieval

- Dual serial ports: connect two instruments for transmission or data logging
- SD card for expanded data storage
- In-band acoustic recorder: records any ambient sounds with in-band of operation
- Arbitrary wave form playback

ATM-960 Series
- 6000 meter depth rated
- Alkaline batteries, 588 W/HR optional (in model ATM-925)
- Remote head optional


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