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SwanPro™ is the CT software for real time data acquisition of sea floor imaging systems, seismic systems and multibeam echo sounders. Sonar, Seismic & Bathymetry in one software package.


Communication Technology

SwanPro™ digitizes in real time, records and processes true 16 bits/sample signals and combines the imagery with the navigation inputs to geo-reference the data in real-time.
SwanPro™ interfaces with most analog and digital side scan sonars, sub bottom profilers, seismic systems and multibeam in the industry. It runs under any 32 bit Microsoft Windows operating system. SwanPro™ is very flexible and user friendly.
With SwanPro™ you can playback your data without buying it. The unregistered version can be installed in as many computer as you wish.

- The ideal solution for Industry, Academia and the Navy
- Sonar, Seismic & Bathymetry in one software package.
- Small Object Detection/Site Clearance
- Cable/Pipeline Route Survey


Manuale SwanPro - Download

Technical Papers
Rapporto Tecnico sulle Indagini Sismo-Stratigrafiche nel canale San Marco antistante la piazza - Download

Disegno Tecnico
Screenshot dfi SwanPro - Download