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RiverPro ADCP

RiverPro ADCP
Intelligent river discharge measurement system offering users a 5-beam solution and more...

RiverPro ADCP

Teledyne RD Instruments

The 1200 kHz RiverPro has been purpose-built to fill two specific needs:

To provide an ADCP designed specifically for shallow river applications (20 cm to 25 m range) To provide an upgrade path for our current industry gold-standard Rio Grande ADCP users (more info to follow on this upgrade.) Like our next-generation RiverRay ADCP, the RiverPro offers users a 5-beam solution, auto-adaptive sampling, user-friendly interface, and Teledyne RDI’s unsurpassed quality, service, and support.

The RiverPro has also been designed to fit into our RiverRay float, allowing users to swap out their ADCPs based upon their environment, eliminating the need to purchase and transport a second float.


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Application Note
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