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The CO2-Pro™ is a lightweight, compact, and versatile sensor for measuring the partial pressure of CO2 in water. It is designed for in-situ pCO2 measurement on shipboard in underway-mode, in the laboratory and on moorings, profilers and gliders.
The CO2-Pro CV™ is a compact, lightweight, plug-n-play pCO2 sensor that is designed for use on moorings, on profilers, on ships in under-way mode, and in laboratories.
The CO2-Pro™ Atmosphere, built on the same platform as our classic CO2-Pro™, alternates between measuring pCO2 in surface water and in overlying air.
The GTD-Pro™ is the most accurate and stable dissolved gas sensor on the market. It measures the sum of the partial pressures of all dissolved gases, i.e. gas tension.
The Mini CO2™ is a compact, lightweight, plug-n-play pCO2 sensor designed for use in algae-to-biofuels, aquaculture, carbon sequestration, educational research, and for general monitoring in oceanographic applications.
The Mini TDGP measures the total dissolved gas pressure in liquids. It provides accurate TDGP data, designed for use in aquaculture, dam spillways, groundwater monitoring, and industrial applications.
The Mini CH4™ is a compact, low-cost, lightweight, plug-n-play methane sensor designed to provide pCH4 measurements for applications involving immersion in water, oil, or water and oil mixtures.
Designed for aquaculture and groundwater dissolved CO2 measurements. Compact and reliable for everyday use.