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Teledyne Benthos

Undersea Positioning requires an appropriate integrated system composed of at least two components but often more. Teledyne Benthos offers a full line of positioning products that can be configured in many different ways. Long Baseline (LBL)
Mid-Water Acoustic Transponding Release
Benthos DAT (Directional Acoustic Transponder)
Programmable Sonar Altimeter PSA-916
ATM-915 and ATM-916 500 m rated acoustic modems
Shallow water equipment recovery.
Universal Topside (UTS-9400A) Surface Unit
Transponders XT-6001/TR-6001
Provides a 5:1 mechanical advantage when used on our R12K Release
ATM-925 and ATM-926 2000 m rated acoustic modems
ATM-965 and ATM-966 6000 m rated Acoustic Modems
OEM version of Teledyne Benthos popular Telesonar Acoustic Modems.
The Teledyne Gateway Buoy provides customers with real-time data monitoring of their subsea sensors or vehicles from a remote shore station.
?Universal Deck Box (UDB-9400E) Surface Unit Our Universal Deck Box is a complete single-unit replacement for all previously offered Teledyne Benthos acoustic deck units, including the DS-7000, DS-8000, and ATM-891. Our Universal Deck Box can operate standard acoustic releases, communicate and control acoustic modems, and work with the Teledyne Benthos SMART line of products.
OBSOLETED - Teledyne Benthos’ patented VacuSealed glass floats, and instrument housings are manufactured from precision-molded spheres to our exacting specifications. The edge of each hemisphere is ground flat, to extreme tolerances, in order to facilitate a secure, long-lasting vacuum within each sphere.
OBSOLETED - Teledyne Benthos’ patented vacuum sealed glass floats and instrument housings are manufactured from precision-molded spheres to exact specifications.