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Il Fluorimetro subacqueo C6P, uno strumento di qualita' Turner, puo' essere configurato con fino a sei sensori ottici dall'ultravioletto profondo all'infrarosso.


Turner Designs

The C6P™ Submersible Fluorometer can be configured with up to six optical sensors ranging from the deep ultraviolet to the infrared spectrum. Internal memory storage capacity combined with an external submersible lithium ion battery allow the C6P™ to run during extended or short-term deployments. Each C6P™ comes with a factory-installed temperature sensor. Optional factory-installed depth sensors and mechanical wipers are also available. The durable delrin housing is highly resistant to harsh environments. C-Soft Windows™ based software allows for intuitive calibration, datalogging set-up and file management capabilities as well as data integration.

Product Highlights:
- One, Two, Three, Four, Five or Six Optical Sensors
- Temperature Sensor Included
- Optional Depth Sensor
- Optional 3-Brush Mechanical Wiper
- All Plastic Housing
- Robust Memory – Over 60,000 Data Lines!
- Easy to Use Software with Data Management Capabilities
- Optional Antifouling Copper Plate
- Optional Integration Firmware


Brochure C6P - Download

Manuale C6P - Download

Application Note
C6P: Integrator Firmware fact sheet for Continuous Data Capture - Download
Colored Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) - Calibration Procedures and Performance Data - Download

Guida Utente
C6P Quick Start Guide - Download
Submersible Fluorometers Comparison Guide - Download