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Teledyne Benthos

Undersea Positioning requires an appropriate integrated system composed of at least two components but often more. Teledyne Benthos offers a full line of positioning products that can be configured in many different ways. Long Baseline (LBL)
Mid-Water Acoustic Transponding Release
Benthos DAT (Directional Acoustic Transponder)
Programmable Sonar Altimeter PSA-916
ATM-915 and ATM-916 500 m rated acoustic modems
Shallow water equipment recovery.
Universal Topside (UTS-9400A) Surface Unit
Transponders XT-6001/TR-6001
Provides a 5:1 mechanical advantage when used on our R12K Release
ATM-925 and ATM-926 2000 m rated acoustic modems
ATM-965 and ATM-966 6000 m rated Acoustic Modems
OEM version of Teledyne Benthos popular Telesonar Acoustic Modems.
The Teledyne Gateway Buoy provides customers with real-time data monitoring of their subsea sensors or vehicles from a remote shore station.
?Universal Deck Box (UDB-9400E) Surface Unit Our Universal Deck Box is a complete single-unit replacement for all previously offered Teledyne Benthos acoustic deck units, including the DS-7000, DS-8000, and ATM-891. Our Universal Deck Box can operate standard acoustic releases, communicate and control acoustic modems, and work with the Teledyne Benthos SMART line of products.
Teledyne Benthos’ patented VacuSealed glass floats, and instrument housings are manufactured from precision-molded spheres to our exacting specifications. The edge of each hemisphere is ground flat, to extreme tolerances, in order to facilitate a secure, long-lasting vacuum within each sphere.
Teledyne Benthos’ patented vacuum sealed glass floats and instrument housings are manufactured from precision-molded spheres to exact specifications.