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Weather sensors

The WX Series WeatherStation® instruments meet a growing need for real-time, site-specific weather information. For moving applications where true and apparent wind are different, the 200WX is recommended and includes additional sensors such as a 10Hz GPS, solid-state compass, tilt sensors and a field replaceable relative humidity sensor.
The Profling Beacon by Communication Technology provides Real-Time profiles of the whole column of water.
The Digiquartz® MET4 MEASUREMENT SYSTEM provides the ultimate in precision meteorological measurements. Barometric pressure resolution is better than 1 microbar with total accuracy of better than ±0.08 hPa over the extended barometric range of 500 to 1100 hPa. Temperature resolution is 0.01 degrees C with total accuracy of better than 0.5 degrees C and relative humidity performance is better than ±2%.
Digiquartz® Broadband Intelligent Barometers and Barometric Standards provide the ultimate accuracy in pressure measurements. Typical application accuracy of ±0.08 hPa is achieved under laboratory and field conditions. Digiquartz® Broadband Barometers are used for applications where accuracy, reliability, long-term stability and low total cost of ownership are critical parameters
Paroscientific manufactures and sells a complete line of high precision pressure instrumentation.